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Transfer the Financial Liability for Condominium Property Losses Generated by Owners/Renters

Condominium Legal Liability is a unique property damage liability program that protects condominium associations, owners and residents from damages caused by losses originated by owners and residents. CLL transfers the financial costs and responsibility for these owner/resident-caused damages.

The program addresses the mutual waiver of subrogation issue wherein the association cannot sue the owner/resident. The only recourse for the association is to rely upon its own insurance policy and pursue restitution from the owner/resident responsible for causing the damages/losses. CLL eliminates this difficult step as the association is primary on the coverage.

Condominium Legal Liability is a powerful risk management tool that can dramatically reduce your community insurance premiums. There is a potential preferred status with the association’s P&C carrier based on participation. CLL participating associations have realized 5% - 15% decreases on annual premiums from property P&C carriers.

CLL’s services include:

CLL enjoys strategic partnerships with a wide variety of insurance brokers, agencies and insurance professionals. The program is available throughout the United States.

CLL is a division of Renters Legal Liability LLC which provides programs for apartment, student housing, senior housing, assisted living, military housing, co-ops, single-family home rentals, mobile homes and manufactured housing.

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